Vacuum pumps and systems for liquids and gases for OEMs worldwide

Thomas has over 60 years? experience as a pioneering manufacturer of systems, compressors, vacuum pumps, liquid pumps and OEM pumps in the medical, laboratory, environmental and industrial sector. With a wide range of pressure, vacuum and liquid technologies including WOB-L piston, articulated piston pumps, (miniature) diaphragm pumps, rotary vane pumps, linear pumps and peristaltic pumps, Thomas offers the broadest oil-less product range in the industry. With this vast product offering, Thomas designs ideal, customized pressure and vacuum pump solutions which meet our customers? precise needs.
  • German origin, durable quahty
  • The only pump solution provider in the industry, with flue sampler pump and condensation drainage peristaltic pump solutions
  • The brand new 161OAC is custom designed to meet international CEMS industry standard, with superior quality to industry peers
  • SR25, the condensation drainage pump, favored by many reputable GEMS vendors worldwide

Pumps Solutions for CEMS

1. Diaphragm Pump 1610VD AC FKM

2. Peristaltic Pumps